About This

Mastery Chart is a website dedicated to providing League of Legends players with visually stunning and engaging ways to view and analyze their champion mastery data. We believe that traditional tables and bar charts don't do justice to the effort and dedication that goes into mastering your favorite champions and classes in the game. That's why I've created Mastery Chart, to give players a more meaningful and intuitive way to understand their progress.

The website features a variety of interactive charts, including bubble charts, sunburst charts and more, that use champion icons to make the data more engaging and easy to understand. The main bubble chart displays your champion mastery levels in a circular format, with the size of the bubbles representing your mastery points, and the toggleable colors representing the class or level of the champion. This chart allows you to quickly compare your mastery points across different classes and champions, making it easy to identify your preferences and compare them to your friends'.

Bubble Chart
Example: Faker's profile

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