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I can't find my summoner/the site is broken

Please check the Discord's #status channel or Twitter about ongoing problems.

Otherwise, please tell us about your problem and your Summoner Name and Server.

Leaderboard: What does "Rank pending" mean?

First off, congrats! You're getting a spot on your main's global leaderboard. You're new to the system, so your rank will be available on your profile within 15 minutes.

Your champion's leaderboard page is generated on live data, so you can find your ranking on there immediately.

How is this site funded?

I try covering the cost of hosting this by showing ads served by Google. Otherwise, this service is paid out of the dev's pocket.

You can help me keep the lights on by donating.

Can you do this for Wild Rift/Legends of Runeterra?

As of now, there are no official Riot API endpoints for Wild Rift and Legends of Runeterra that would allow us to do this.

We'd love to do this, so let's hope Riot changes this!

Feedback & Feature Suggestions

I'm happy to hear your feedback and ideas!
Visit our Feedback Platform or Discord to leave feedback or vote on others' suggestions.

Also, check the Changelog for recently added features and the Roadmap for future plans!

How do I mark my profile as favorite?

Go to your profile and click the summoner icon.


Only summoners that have been looked up before can be suggested by the system.

I play Maokai ADC but he's listed as a tank. Why?

The class assignments for champions are directly taken from Riot's API and therefore based entirely on their opinion.

Why is there a skin I don't even own displayed on my profile?

Summoners that hold a leaderboard top position for a champion will have a random skin displayed as the background for decorative purposes.

The randomly chosen skin will rotate weekly to keep things fresh.

What about my privacy?

Details about this:

Are you affiliated with the sites in the "More Projects" section?

I am the creator of Disenchanter.

I am not affiliated with any of the following service providers. Any logos used are used with explicit permission.

If you made a cool project and you'd like to have it listed in that section, contact me and we'll get it done.